Police east of Toronto have released video of what they say might be one of the longest police helicopter pursuits in Ontario’s history.

Durham regional police say a driver in Oshawa, Ont., called police late last month because a Chevy Camaro was driving erratically behind her and was trying to ram her vehicle.

They say emergency operators advised the woman to drive toward a police station in nearby Whitby.

Durham Regional Police released a video of a helicopter chasing a Chevy Camaro.

Officials say once responding officers located the suspect vehicle, the driver evaded police cruisers and got onto Highway 401, driving east at speeds between 180 km/h and 237 km/h.

Police dispatchers then advised cruisers to break off and let the Air 1 helicopter continue the pursuit using night vision.

They say after a 154-kilometre chase, which lead officers to Peterborough and back to Durham Region, the vehicle drove over a spike belt laid out by Ontario Provincial Police, which brought the car to a stop.

The driver then fled on foot into a nearby forest, but police say OPP ground units were able to apprehend him.

A 47-year-old man faces multiple charges, including criminal harassment, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, driving while under suspension and possession of cocaine, ecstasy, and heroin for the purpose of trafficking.

Police say the man could not be named due to what they call “the domestic nature of the incident.”

Source: CTV News