Miriam Katawazi/Windsor Star

Students braved rain and water guns at Holy Names High School Tuesday morning to help spread the message that impaired driving can kill.

Students participated in a competition that require them to keep one hand on a minivan for as long as possible while student council members blew horns in their ears or pelted them with water. The student who outlasted the others received a $100 gift card to Devonshire Mall.

“Our aim is to increase school spirit and have fun but to also say that it’s not okay to drink and drive,” said Emma Parent, student council prime minister. “Our fundraiser shows that this is an important issue to our community. We need to be proactive against it and having the school community out here impacts our student body,”

To participate, each student paid a $5 registration fee. The money will be donated to MADD Windsor and Essex County. Windsor Honda lent the vehicle to the students for the day.

Source: Windsor Star