York Regional Police badge image

A York Regional Police badge is shown in a 2014 file photo. CITYNEWS

Police have charged a 21-year-old Richmond Hill woman and seized her car after they allegedly clocked her going 175 km/h in an 80 km/h zone.

Shortly after 12 a.m. Tuesday, officers saw a BMW speeding along Highway 7 near Hunters Point Drive, west of Yonge Street. They said they checked their radar and confirmed she was going 95 km/h over the speed limit.

They pulled over the driver, Glikeria Nikiforova, charged her with stunt driving and speeding and impounded her car for seven days.

Police say they were targeting that area specifically after catching a 21-year-old motorcyclist going 197 km/h last week.

The rider, from Vaughan, was charged with dangerous driving, stunt driving and speeding. His motorcycle was impounded for seven days and his licence was suspended.

“It’s no coincidence that our officers were there because just a week ago … we spotted a motorcycle that was actually travelling at 197 km/h in that same stretch of roadway,” said Const. Andy Pattenden.

“Clearly dangerous behaviour. Speed — excessive speed — ends up in deaths on our roadways. So there’s no excuse for it.

“Once again our officers have found a couple people travelling at incredibly high rates of speed and those people are now off our roads.”

If you see someone driving at a high rate of speed, try to note the location, direction of travel, make, model, licence plate number and a description of the driver — and call 911.

Source: CityNews