police lights at night
A woman has been charged by police after they say a witness had urged her not to drive but she refused to listen.

Kingston Police said in a news release that on Wednesday night at about 9:30 p.m. a woman decided to leave a restaurant in the west end after consuming a large quantity of alcohol. A witness, believing the woman was drunk, tried to convince her not to get behind the wheel, but she drove off anyway.

Police were called and they found the vehicle being driven very slowly, northbound on Gardiners Road. The officer turned on their emergency lights and the driver pulled over into a turning lane. When the officer approached the driver’s side window, the woman suddenly sped off northbound again. During a second attempt to stop the vehicle, the officer used lights and sirens. This time woman pulled off into a private drive.

The woman was arrested and taken to the police station. She provided breath samples that indicated she had three times the legal limit of alcohol in her blood stream, police said.

A 28-year-old woman has been charged by police with impaired driving and operating a vehicle with over 80 mg of alcohol. The woman was later released on a promise to appear in court at a later date. Her driver’s licence was automatically suspended for 90 days and her vehicle was impounded for seven at her expense.

Source: The Kingston Whig-Standard