It was a bad day for a would-be burglar and car thief.

A stolen car, a bungled break-in and a car crash were followed by a quick arrest of a 30-year-old Hamilton man.

The incident began Friday when a woman returned to her home on Twenty Road and saw a strange vehicle in the driveway.

The woman and a neighbour then heard a loud noise from the back of the home, police said. A man came from around the side of the house and said he had been there to look at the roof.

The woman was suspicious and noticed the man’s licence plate number as he quickly drove away.

Police then spotted the car, which had been stolen, northbound on Upper James Street. The driver then sped away, police said, and in trying to make a getaway promptly smashed into two parked cars at Upper James and Mohawk Road.

The suspect then took off on foot towards the back of a No Frills grocery store. Police gave chase, also on foot, and made an arrest as the suspect jumped into the passenger side of another vehicle in the mall parking lot.

A K9 unit officer and dog stood in front of the vehicle as the suspect surrendered without further incident.

Anthony Green is charged with break and enter, dangerous driving, vehicle theft, possession of stolen property over $5,000, failing to remain at a collision and failing to comply with probation.

Hamilton Spectator