York regional police are investigating after one of its cruisers rolled forward and hit a car that was pulled over in Markham.

The incident happened just after 6 p.m. on June 12 on Esna Park Drive, just before Woodbine Avenue.

It was captured on video, sent by a CityNews viewer. Watch the video above or click here to view it.

The York police officer had pulled over the vehicle during a routine traffic stop, police said the next day. As the officer approached the driver’s side window, the cruiser rolls forward at a slow speed and strikes the back of the stopped vehicle.

It appears that the officer may have not put the vehicle in park, or fully activated the parking brake, but police could not confirm this.

In the video, the officer then runs in front of the moving cruiser to try to stop it.

No injuries were reported, and neither vehicle was damaged.

Source: CityNews