For G1, G2, commercial drivers, those younger than 21, no cannabis use allowed before driving

Metroland file photo
York Regional Police

York Regional Police outlined the ways it can enforce drug-impaired driving laws in a news release Oct. 17, the day recreational cannabis use became legal.

The release reiterated the force’s commitment to enforcing the existing laws around not just impaired driving, but illegal distribution, cultivation and possession.

Police can compel a driver to take a standardized field sobriety test or be tested by a drug recognition expert on suspicion of impaired driving.

For G1, G2 and commercial drivers and those younger than 21, no cannabis use is allowed before driving.

York Regional Police advises people the best place to store cannabis when driving is in the trunk of your vehicle. All cannabis must be packaged and sealed or otherwise inaccessible to all vehicle occupants. If the driver or passenger has access to cannabis, the driver could be charged.

The Ontario Cannabis Store is the only legal way to purchase cannabis. York Regional Police said it will continue to enforce illegal distribution laws, either commercial or non-commercial.

“Our officers will continue to ensure our community is safe and secure as we transition to this new environment,” Chief Eric Jolliffe said. “Working closely with our federal, provincial, regional and municipal partners, we have identified our enforcement responsibilities and want to be sure our residents are aware of them as well.”

Source: YorkRegion.com