York Regional Police cruiser

Nick Westoll / File / Global News
York police have launched an awareness campaign to discourage distracted driving.

A police force north of Toronto has launched a hockey themed distracted driving awareness campaign, saying their officers “really do give a puck.”

York Regional Police say their traffic enforcement unit is turning to Canada’s favourite pastime to illustrate the dangers of distracted driving.

The campaign — called Keep Your Head Up — references the tried and true advice given to people learning to play hockey.

It includes hockey pucks being distributed by officers across the region and a series of videos to be shared on social media.

Chief Eric Jolliffe says hockey coaches teach the consequences of inattentiveness and the increased level of safety that comes with being alert and police are asking people to apply the same principles to driving.

In a Twitter post, York police said “our officers really do give a puck. Keep your head up and don’t text and drive.”

Source: Global News