Police warn speeding parents taking ‘huge risks’

Ontario Provincial Police charged 17 drivers with street racing offences on Greater Toronto Area roads on the weekend, while 18 more were charged with impaired driving. (Sgt. Kerry Schmidt/Twitter)

At least two Greater Toronto Area drivers charged with street racing last weekend had children in their vehicles, Ontario Provincial Police say.

In one incident, a 35-year-old Brampton man was charged with driving over 180 km/h on Highway 410. Police also allege the man, who was driving a four- and seven-year-old at the time, was impaired.

“We’re lucky no one was hurt in this incident,” said OPP Const. Lauren Ball.

The Children’s Aid Society was notified after the man’s arrest.

In total, seventeen drivers were charged with street racing offences on GTA roads, while 18 were charged with impaired driving, the OPP said. The drivers have made the OPP’s “naughty list” this holiday season — especially those caught speeding with kids in car.

Police allege one driver with four children headed to a Christmas recital was clocked going 167 km/h.

“We don’t see it a lot, fortunately,” Ball said of alleged street racing with children in the vehicle, warning those drivers are taking “huge risks.”

OPP’s message to speeding parents: ‘give yourself enough time’

“Be cautious,” Ball said. “Make sure your children are properly restrained in the vehicle, using seatbelts or car seats, whatever you need to do, whatever the law is for the age of your child, and not driving in a dangerous manner.”

That means no speeding, no stunt driving, no impaired driving, no distracted driving, and using seatbelts. Ball said it means obeying the rules of the road to ensure people arrive at their destinations safely.

“We’re all very busy. We’re all feeling probably the crunch of these couple of weeks coming to Christmas and we’ve got lots to do,” Ball said.

“Give yourself enough time, and when the weather isn’t cooperating with all of our needs, give yourself extra time. Make sure your vehicle is clear and ready for the weather.”

Ball said many people are busy attending events at this time of year, preparing for the holidays, taking children to and from destinations, but there is no excuse for being irresponsible and driving at excessive speeds.

Source: CBC News