We Fight Traffic Tickets

At XPolice, our licensed paralegals are here to help you fight your traffic tickets, traffic violations, driving charges, and no insurance charges throughout Ontario and New York State. Whether it’s a careless driving charge from an accident, a no insurance charge because you could not afford the skyrocketing rates, or just a speeding ticket, we can help!

We Represent You!

Often people receive a Summons, commanding you to court. These “tickets” come with a court date and no fine. Just read the back of the Summons, we can fight traffic tickets on your behalf so you don’t have to. In essence, we go to court for you. The majority of these matters we can handle with your instructions only, while you’re at work, at home, asleep from nightshift, whatever the situation. To book an appointment, CALL 1-888-XPOLICE (1-888-976-5423).

Let Us Fight Your Traffic Tickets for You

Traffic tickets can have a significant impact on your driving record. They can result in demerit points, licence suspensions, fines, higher insurance rates, and even jail time. After receiving a traffic ticket, paying a fine or facing court alone are not your only options. XPolice will fight traffic tickets on your behalf. To book an appointment, CALL 1-888-XPOLICE (1-888-976-5423).

Don’t Be Rushed!

Traffic tickets and traffic violations can greatly affect your insurance rates. Even worse, driving charges like Careless Driving, Following too Closely, Racing, Failing to Remain and others can result in your insurance company cancelling your insurance. Even with these serious driving charges we can help. We successfully defend our clients daily throughout Ontario. To book an appointment, CALL 1-888-XPOLICE (1-888-976-5423).