XPolice Brampton clients are serviced through our Mississauga office. For more details, please visit the Peel Region page here.

Brampton Region Services

  • Traffic Tickets
  • Impaired Driving Charges
  • Driving Under Suspension
  • Driving without insurance
  • Stunt Driving/Racing
  • Careless Driving
  • Speeding Tickets
  • CVOR and Commercial Vehicle Traffic Offences
  • Small Claims Litigation
  • Landlord/Tenant Legal Issues
  • Tribunals
  • Accidents / Slip & Fall
  • Debt Counselling/Management

Have you been issued a traffic ticket in the Brampton area? The paralegals at XPolice are professional and experienced in dealing with all types of traffic violations.

Why Choose XPolice Traffic Ticket Defense Brampton?

The paralegals at XPolice in Brampton have years of experience handling traffic violations and getting penalties reduced. All paralegals are fully licensed and fully trained in traffic offences and the rules and regulations that apply to them.

Our paralegals have direct experience in the Brampton Traffic Court system, ensuring you receive the most competent and capable representation available. They have a solid understanding of traffic court operations in Brampton, and are familiar with the officers of the court in the area. This is a clear advantage for successfully fighting your ticket and the penalties incurred.

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How can XPolice Help You?

The paralegals at Xpolice are available to assist with any and all aspects of your case. They will do a complete review of the incident leading to your traffic charge. They will establish if the prosecution has a case and is able to prove the charge. They will look for any technicalities or mishandled procedures to aid your case.

If a trial is necessary, paralegals will fully prepare the case to get it ready for trial. They will handle and legal documents needed for your case. They will represent you at the trial to help you get the best possible outcome. Once the case is over, you will receive a full report of the case including the results.

Why Get Help for a Traffic Offence?

The paralegals at XPolice want to help minimize the negative effects that come with a traffic conviction. A traffic conviction can have some serious side effects depending on the charge. Some of these effects may include:
• Fines
• Demerit points
• Loss or suspension of licence
• Rise in insurance premiums
• Ability to earn income


Almost every traffic violation will be accompanied by some sort of fine. XPolice can help get that fine reduced depending on the circumstances.

Loss or Suspension of Licence

A driver’s licence may be suspended or even taken away, for a few different reasons. A licence can be suspended for accruing 9 or more demerit points. Failure to pay tickets or fines can result in a suspension. More serious offences like careless driving, DUI, and stunt driving can result in an immediate suspension.

Demerit Points

Another adverse effect of a traffic conviction is demerit points. Demerit points are assigned to traffic offenders based on the severity of the offence. Once you reach 9 or more demerit points, it may result in a suspension of your licence.

Ability to Earn Income

A traffic conviction can even result affect your ability to earn income. If you are convicted of an offence that results in a lost or suspended licence, it can have far reaching effects. It can affect your ability to get to work, or if your job requires you to have a valid driver’s licence, it may even result in loss of employment.

If your traffic conviction carries a criminal charge, it may result in the loss of your current job and make it difficult to find future employment.

Don’t leave your future to chance, contact XPolice Brampton today for a free consulation!