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Did you get a traffic ticket in Timmins or Surrounding Areas ? Our team of paralegals and criminal lawyers can help you. Talk to us, and we will get you a free quote.

Fight Traffic Tickets Timmins & Surrounding Areas

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Fighting Traffic Tickets in Timmins & Surrounding Areas

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The paralegals at XPolice have a wealth of experience when it comes to dealing with and helping you fight traffic tickets incurred in the Timmins & Surrounding area. XPolice have highly skilled traffic paralegals that can assist you in combatting against unwarranted traffic tickets, speed tickets, and other traffic and driving offences.

Fight Traffic Tickets Timmins & Surrounding Area

If you have been issued a traffic ticket in the Timmins & Surrounding area, you should contact our office immediately to have your free consultation.  At XPOLICE, we take every step to eliminate your charge(s). We are focused on reducing the amount of your fine and eliminating your demerit points. Assistance is also available for several other traffic violations such as parking, running a red light, seatbelt tickets, driving with a suspended licence, or driving without insurance.

These offences all come with large fines and demerit points. XPolice can help reduce the severity of these penalties, saving you money not only by getting fines lowered, but also in insurance premiums. The harsher the fine and points issued, the more your insurance premiums will go up. Avoid a hefty rise in insurance premiums, by hiring XPolice to get your penalty reduced.

When you are convicted of a traffic offence, the results can have a very unfavorable effect on many aspects of your life. Not only is it a financial burden, having to pay fines and court costs, but it can also cause more serious and ongoing issues. Depending on the severity of the violation, and the charges that go with it, the penalty may result in the loss or suspension of your driver’s licence.

Losing your licence for any period of time can have a wide-reaching, negative impact on your daily routine and activities. For example, if you need your vehicle for work, a suspension of your licence can have disastrous effects. Unless you are able to figure out an effective alternative method of transportation, it may result in a suspension from work or even being fired.

This brings with it a whole new set of issues, loss of income being the most obvious and most immediately threatening. Finding a new job may pose a problem as well depending on the severity of the offence and length of the suspended licence.

Take Charge of the Situation

Don’t leave your situation up to fate, enlist the capable and accomplished services of XPolice to reduce the risk of endangering your future. The paralegals at XPolice know the ins-and-outs of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. They have real, practical experience getting fines reduced, demerit points decreased, and penalties lowered for whatever traffic violation you have been charged with.

XPolice offers a highly competent service, and have been successfully fighting against traffic charges for years.

The paralegals at XPolice have specialized experience dealing with judges and officers of the Timmins & Surrounding area court systems. Since each court system operates in a slightly different manner, having professionals that are familiar with the proceedings and operations of the court in Timmins is of huge benefit to your case.

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Were You or a Loved One Injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident?

The effects of a motor vehicle accident can be life-changing and overwhelming.

The process of applying for statutory accident benefits (SABS) can be complex and stressful. Xpolice has the expertise to get the maximum benefits for you and deal with the insurance company when you are denied accident benefits.

Xpolice works with claimants to help determine their accident benefit entitlement, mitigate insurer disruption of necessary treatment, and maximize any possible settlement.

What if I Disagree with My Insurance Company’s Decision?

Navigating through complex and confusing insurance issues can be challenging and intimidating. Armed with several years of insurance and legal experience, Xpolice may be able to assist with various insurance disputes, including but not limited to the following:

  • Denied claims
  • Fault determination disputes
  • Unfair settlement offers
  • Insurance Recovery or Subrogation demands

Contact our highly skilled and proficient team at XPOLICE to get results!

Your Timmins & Surrounding Area Representatives

Licensed Paralegal/Owner  Brent Fleury

Brent graduated from CTS Canadian Career College with Honours. He obtained his Paralegal License from the Law Society of Ontario and began practicing law as a Defence Litigation Paralegal. Brent is passionate about the law and is a strong advocate for his clients. Recently he partnered with XPolice as the Owner and Operator of the XPolice services in Bracebridge, Ontario.

Brent has worked in the telecommunications sector for over 28 years. He managed the Claims Department dealing with property loss and personal injuries and motor vehicle accidents during this period. The years he spent in claims resolution developed his strong advocacy and negotiation skills, which allowed him to successfully deal with thousands of claim disputes.

Brent has earned diplomas from McMaster University and George Washington University in Project Management and an Executive MBA from Queen’s University.

Brent’s passion for law led him to assist people in defending traffic tickets and other provincial offences. Brent brings his extensive business experience, alternative dispute resolution, and courtroom experience. He will use his skills to review the clients’ matters and develop a clear resolution path>

As the Owner and Operator of XPolice Bracebridge, Brent ensures XPolice clients are supported and receive exemplary service! CALL BEFORE YOU PAY!

Advisor/Consultant GERALD (Jerry) LEBLANC

Jerry has been practising since 2007. He graduated from the Paralegal Communications Program with honours in early 2007 from CDI College. After graduating, he founded Ticket Terminator Paralegal Services, which he operated until November 2009. In November 2009, he proudly joined the XPolice family. He owned and operated the XPolice Barrie office until December 31, 2019. On April 1, 2016 he took over the position of Owner/President of XPolice Traffic Ticket Services Professional Corporation from Ivon Fournier. Jerry remains as an advisor/consultant for XPOLICE.

Jerry is a paralegal instructor. He taught at Everest College located in Newmarket in 2008, and has been a paralegal instructor at CTS Canadian Career College in Barrie since 2010. He is dedicated to helping produce top notch paralegals. He continues to attend court and diligently fight for his clients. As President of XPolice Traffic Ticket Services Professional Corporation, Jerry is committed to ensuring that XPolice’s clients are well looked after. Jerry will raise every issue and turn over every stone when searching for a defence.