XPolice’s licensed paralegals are dedicated to helping people in Hamilton, Burlington, Barrie, Toronto, Durham, and New York State fight their traffic tickets, traffic violations, speeding tickets, and driving charges. This resources section has been compiled to inform you about the XPolice process both inside and outside the courtroom.

Top 10 reasons to hire us

  1. We Save/Reduce your demerit points
  2. We keep your record clean
  3. We’re a specialized team of professionals
  4. We have years of experience
  5. Great Customer Service
  6. We’re a results oriented firm
  7. We do what a lot of other firms don’t
  8. We’re honest, reputable, & we have integrity
  9. We keep your insurance premiums low
  10. We WIN cases

Top 10 reasons to fight a traffic ticket

  1. You could accumulate demerit points
  2. You might not get or lose a driving job
  3. It could affect other professional licenses
  4. It could set a bad example for someone close
  5. It could affect future vehicle purchase(s)
  6. It may put you in a high risk insurance market
  7. The cost of the ticket is only the beginning
  8. You could lose your license
  9. It could affect your career options for 3 years
  10. Your insurance premiums can increase for at least 3 years

About Offences

Learn about the various classifications and elements of the traffic, driving, and no insurance offences that XPolice fights. Stay informed.

Traffic & Speeding Tickets

There are three types of traffic tickets that you need to be aware of. Traffic tickets range from minor offences to serious, summons-based offences.

Demerit Points

Demerit Points are assigned against you by the Ministry of Transportation for various traffic offences. Here, XPolice discusses some of the common misconceptions about demerit points.

Road Side Stops

Learn what you can do to place yourself in a better position when you are pulled over by a police officer. Your battle to beat a ticket begins as soon as you pull over.

Impaired Driving

Inform yourself about impaired driving regulations and the “zero tolerance policy.” Being the elephant in the room is not always enjoyable but it is necessary.

In the Courtroom

Read about some of the cases that XPolice have fought and won, and review our case transcripts to see how our licensed paralegals fight for your rights.

In the Media

Every so often, XPolice’s licensed paralegals are spotted in the courtroom and interviewed. Take a look at some media coverage for our cases!

Forms, Links, and Brochures

These additional resources have been compiled to provide you with as much important information as possible. XPolice wants you to remain informed about your cases and your rights.