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XPolice Traffic Services is made up of men and women totalling over 120 years of experience working within the Canadian legal system. XPolice Traffic Ticket Services was formed when Ivon Fournier President of Xpolice with over 15 years of policing experience believed more could be done to help people with their driving charges, no insurance charges, and traffic violations.

Our Team of experienced Traffic Ticket Paralegals will defend you using every legal argument available. Where other firms will plead guilty to save you points, we will do our very best to win your case. We are driven by a results oriented approach to Traffic Ticket litigation.

Insurance Premiums are high enough already. Even minor charges can affect your premiums. That’s why we focus on every aspect of your Traffic Ticket case. We will analyze all aspects of your case and help keep your insurance premiums as low as we can.

Ivon Fournier


Ivon Fournier, the founder of XPolice, served in the policing field for over 15 years. In January 1988, he joined the Toronto Police Service performing his duties in uniform with the West Traffic Unit. In 1995, Ivon moved on to the 14 Division Traffic Unit where he completed his career with the Toronto Police Service. During his tenure with the Toronto Police Service, he was one of the top enforcement officers, servicing the communities of Toronto with pride, showing compassion and understanding while protecting individual rights.

During his policing career, Ivon attained and developed the skills of a trained Accident Investigator, and has investigated or assisted in the investigation of over 2000 accidents; from the scratch on the front bumper to multiple vehicle fatalities. With the Toronto Police Service, Ivon was designated as an Accident Investigator, being left available for all major accidents. Ivon is also qualified in several forms of speed measuring devices (radar) and radar detectors.

Ivon has also acquired the skills and knowledge of the certified Breathalyzer and Intoxilyzer Technician. In 1992, Ivon was designated by the Centre of Forensic Science Toronto to operate the Borkenstein Models 900 and 900A, both of which are approved instruments under the Criminal Code of Canada. In 1993, Ivon successfully completed a second course offered by the Centre of Forensic Science Toronto, qualifying him in the operation of the state of the art Intoxilyzer 5000C. The Intoxilyzer 5000C is also an approved instrument listed in the Criminal Code of Canada. Both of these approved instruments determine a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

In May 1998, Ivon joined the Ontario Provincial Police and performed his duties in uniform for the County of Brant detachment. With the Ontario Provincial Police, Ivon continued to develop his skills and knowledge in all Highway Traffic Act matters. He is also well versed in the Provincial Offences Act, covering liquor license issues, off-road vehicle issues, fishing and game issues, etc.

In 2003, Ivon founded and began operating XPolice Traffic Ticket Services. He currently represents drivers in Ontario who have received traffic related charges. With a track record of success, he will continue to fight for his clients.

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