Fight Seatbelt Violations

Seatbelt infractions, as defined by the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, Section 106, include anyone in the vehicle not wearing their seatbelt, whether by choice or because the seatbelt is inoperable or removed, or modified to reduce its effectiveness; anyone occupying a position without a seatbelt; more than one person attempting to wear the same seatbelt; and the driver not ensuring any passengers under the age 16 are wearing their seatbelt.

Exemptions to wearing a seatbelt

  • Driving a motor vehicle in reverse
  • Medical reasons accompanied by a certificate signed by a legally qualified medical practitioner
  • Being engaged in work that requires you to regularly exit and re-enter a vehicle that does not travel more than 40 kilometres per hour

Penalties for seatbelt violations

You will not receive any demerit points for driving with an inoperative seatbelt, nor will you be charged as a passenger not wearing their seatbelt. However, all other seatbelt infractions carry with them two demerit points against your driver’s licence.

In addition, seatbelt charges come with a minimum fine of $200, up to $1000.

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