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Fight Traffic Tickets Hamilton Downtown

Have you recently been issued a traffic ticket in the downtown Hamilton area? If so, the professionally licensed paralegals at XPolice can help you fight your ticket in order to get your fine and other penalties reduced.

Let’s say you get a traffic ticket, and in effort to avoid hassle, you just go and pay it. That is basically the equivalent of admitting your guilt. When you admit your guilt in this fashion, it results in an automatic conviction. It may seem like the natural thing to do, paying the fine for the ticket you have been given. But, being convicted of a traffic offence may come with more consequences than you realize.

Effects of a Traffic Conviction

Aside from the fine that comes with most traffic convictions, there are other possible consequences as well. These may include:

  • Demerit points
  • Insurance premiums
  • Driver’s licence status
  • Employment

Demerit Points

Demerit points are assigned based on the severity of the traffic offence. You don’t lose points when you are convicted of a traffic offence, but rather points are accumulated based on traffic convictions. If you accrue too many points, your licence may be suspended or revoked.

Insurance Premiums

Even just one traffic conviction can have an unfavourable effect on your insurance premiums. Multiple traffic offences and an accumulation of demerit points can send you car insurance premiums through the roof.

Driver’s Licence Status

There are a couple different ways in which your licence can get suspended. One way is through building up too many demerit points. If you reach 9 demerit points, you may have to have an interview to discuss the status of your driver’s licence. During this interview, you will be expected to present a strong case as to why your licence should not be suspended. Failure to attend this interview may also result in suspension of your licence.

Another way you can have your licence suspended or revoked is by being convicted of a more serious or criminal offence, such as careless driving or stunt driving.


If you are convicted of a traffic offence that results in the suspension of your licence it can impact your entire life. Not being able to drive may make it more difficult or even impossible to get to work. If your job requires to have a valid driver’s licence, it could result in the termination of your employment.

Fight Traffic Tickets Hamilton Downtown

As you can see, there are many adverse effects to being convicted for a traffic violation. That is why you should attempt to fight any ticket you get. Your first offence may seem like nothing, but that could easily turn into two violations, and all of a sudden you become a multiple offender. This can result in hefty fines, demerit points, increased insurance premiums, loss of licence, and even loss of employment.

The paralegals at XPolice Hamilton have ample experience fighting traffic tickets in the Hamilton court system. Knowing the operations as well as the officers of the court can go a long well in helping your case and resulting in reduced fines and penalties.

Contact our Hamilton office today for a free consultation!

XPolice began in downtown Hamilton in 2003. Our convenient downtown office is situated between Locke St. and Dundurn St. and features plenty of parking. Our XPolice team is here to help you sort out your traffic ticket situation and help you win your case.

Traffic violations occur on a daily basis in the Hamilton area. Dealing with XPolice offers many different benefits, including avoiding increased insurance premiums, keeping your driving record clean and protecting your livelihood if you have a driving job.

Take the time to think about your traffic ticket before you just run out and pay it. It may only seem minor to you, but making the payment is admitting guilt and small infractions can make a big difference. Visit our downtown Hamilton location at 554 King Street West, or call (905) 581-1006 to schedule a free consultation and discuss your case with one of our law society licensed paralegals.

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Your Hamilton Representatives

Julie Mueller | Office Manager

Since moving to Hamilton and joining XPolice in January, 2010, Julie has never been busier! She loves her job, meeting new people and hearing their stories.

Gerald (Jerry) LeBlanc

President / Licensed Paralegal

Jerry has been practicing since 2007. He graduated from the Paralegal Communications Program with honours in early 2007 from CDI College. After graduating, he founded Ticket Terminator Paralegal Services, which he operated until November 2009. In November 2009, he proudly joined the XPolice family. He owned and operated the XPolice Barrie office until April 2016. On April 1, 2016 he took over as president of XPolice Traffic Ticket Services Professional Corporation from Ivon Fournier.

In 2008, Jerry was an instructor for the paralegal program at Everest College in Newmarket. For the past 6 years, he has been an instructor and acted as the Paralegal Field Placement Coordinator at CTS Canadian Career College in Barrie. During the day, he attended court and diligently fought for his clients. During the evening, he committed himself to helping produce top notch paralegals. On January 22, 2016, he stepped down from teaching, so he could commit himself one hundred percent to operating XPolice Traffic Ticket Services Professional Corporation and to ensure that XPolice’s clients are well taken care of. Jerry will make sure he raises every issue and turns over every stone when searching for a defence.