Criminal Charges

Fighting Criminal Charges

Fight Impaired Driving

The results of an impaired driving charge can have a significant impact. A criminal conviction will result in license suspension and skyrocketing insurance rates.

Fight Over 80 mg Charges

Separate from impaired driving charges, the “over 80 mg” charge is a direct result of blowing over the legal limit of .08 blood-alcohol concentration (BAC).

Fight Fail/Refuse to Provide Breath Sample Charges

Failing to comply with an officer’s demand to provide a sample of your breath will result in a criminal charge.


Fight Dangerous Driving Charges

Dangerous driving, known as reckless driving in the US, can be defined as “driving with no regard for the safety and well-being of others.”

Fight Theft Charges

If you are found guilty for theft or fraud under $5000 in Ontario, you may qualify for a program known as diversion.

Fight Assault Charges

Your representative may want to explore the possibility of a peace bond (Criminal Code s 810), which does not result in a criminal record…

Fight Drug Offence Charges

Not to be taken lightly, drug offences in Canada are severe and impactful, and can lead to large fines and time in jail.

Fight Fraud Charges

Everyone who is convicted of fraud over $5000 is liable to a maximum prison sentence of 14 years…