Fight Drug Offence Charges

Other serious charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act that can land you in jail:

  • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking
  • Trafficking
  • Importing/Exporting
  • Cultivation

If you have been charged, consult a professional immediately.


Not to be taken lightly, drug offences in Canada are severe and impactful.

Some believe that being caught with under 30 grams of marijuana is not very serious. It is. In fact, it’s a criminal offence, one which could net you a maximum fine of $1000, and/or six months in jail. Don’t forget about the criminal record, potential loss of employment and the possibility of being denied entry into some countries, such as the USA.

Fight your drug offence charge to keep your record clean

We at XPolice do not provide these services but are proud to refer you to trusted lawyers that have met the needs of many of our clients in the past. You should be informed that it is illegal for any paralegal to represent anyone for drug offence charges or similar driving charges without being under the direction of a lawyer.

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