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If you are an Ontario based Canadian citizen that has been issued a traffic ticket in the state of New York, help is available to help you fight that ticket and to make sure it is properly dealt with.

Hundreds of Canadians cross the border into the United States on a daily basis. Many of these motorists travel on the New York State Thruway, where police officers sit in wait for a chance to hand out traffic tickets.

Canada has a reciprocity agreement with New York state to deal with traffic violations that a Canadian citizen has been charged with while traveling in New York.

How does it work?

The reciprocity agreement is in place to expedite and facilitate the process for Canadians dealing with New York traffic charges.

This process involves:

  • New York state officials sharing all information related to the offence
  • Any convictions will be recorded as “out of province” convictions
  • The New York ticket will go on your Ontario driving record
  • The information will be shared with your insurance company
  • All fines, demerit points, and suspensions will be transferable to your Ontario licence

If you are issued a fine for your traffic violation, and pay that fine immediately, it is considered a conviction for that traffic charge. All penalties associated with the conviction will then be transferred to your Ontario driver’s abstract.

That is why it is a good idea to seek counsel before paying any New York state issued traffic charges. A conviction could possibly be avoided altogether.

Where can you get help?

Fight Traffic Tickets New York State

For over 10 years now, the licensed paralegals at XPolice have been building and developing solid relationships with contacts that can look out for your best interests in cross-border traffic cases. These experienced and qualified contacts will represent you on your behalf to handle New York charges in a professional and efficient manner.

Why seek representation?

The traffic laws in New York state are different than the traffic laws in Canada. It is very beneficial to have someone familiar with the operations and officers in New York traffic court in your corner.

Canada and the United States may observe a different system of laws and regulations for traffic offences, but they share driver information with each other because of the reciprocity agreement. This includes persons involved, time and location of the accident.

As a Canadian citizen, under no circumstances should you think that because you received a traffic ticket in the United States that you can just throw it away and not deal with it. It will be reported to the Province of Ontario and you will be dealt with accordingly.

The best strategy is to get ahead of the issue and find out exactly what your options are. XPolice can inform you of the best course of action and help ensure you get the best possible result. Dealing with the violation in a proactive manner can serve to get fines and possible demerit points reduced.

You are still subject to the same demerit points for speeding in New York as you would be in Ontario.

Hiring a professional, with direct experience in issues relating to cross-border traffic cases can save you a lot of stress, money paid in fines, demerit points, and even insurance premiums.

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