Fighting Criminal Charges

Everyone who receives an impaired driving charge is guilty of an indictable offence or an offence punishable on summary conviction and is liable to a fine of no less than $1000 or imprisonment based on how many previous impaired driving charges you have.

If a police officer has reasonable grounds to suspect that a person has alcohol or a drug in their body and that the person has, within the preceding three hours, operated a motor vehicle, whether it was in motion or not, the officer may, by demand, require the person to perform the necessary tests. Both physical coordination tests and breath samples may be required. Failure or refusal to comply with the officer’s demand can result in conviction.

Fight your impaired driving charge to keep your record clean

We at XPOLICE do not provide these services but are proud to refer you to trusted lawyers that have met the needs of many of our clients in the past. You should be informed that it is illegal for any paralegal to represent anyone for impaired driving charges or similar driving charges without being under the direction of a lawyer.

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