Fight Disobey Stop Sign Charges

Disobey Stop Sign

When you encounter a stop sign while driving, you must come to a complete stop. This rule is one of the most frequently violated regulations under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, Section 136(1)(a). It is important to always come to a complete stop, regardless of road visibility. This means that you must stop your vehicle’s wheels from moving entirely. Even if you perform a “rolling stop,” you may still receive a violation charge. Please note that a “rolling stop” is also considered a violation and may result in a disobey stop sign ticket. The exact duration of the stop is not specified, but it is essential to make a complete stop. Failing to stop at a stop sign in Ontario can result in a traffic ticket and all its associated consequences.

Penalties for Disobey Stop Sign

  • Three demerit points
  • A fine of $85, total payable of $110, including victim fine surcharge and court costs
  • A conviction that will stay on your driving record for three years
  • Potential insurance increase

How to Fight Disobeying a Stop Sign Ticket?

Hire a traffic lawyer or paralegal to represent you in court

*Remember, if you choose to simply pay the fine and not go to court, you are pleading guilty

It is highly recommended that you seek legal representation immediately if facing a stop sign ticket. Having a lawyer represent you will significantly improve your chances of winning in court and avoid hefty penalties. If you choose not to hire representation, you must be ready to go through the complicated process alone.

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Why Hire a Traffic Lawyer?

As previously stated, hiring a traffic lawyer can improve your chances of winning in court if you are caught disobeying a stop sign. Fighting a ticket alone is time-consuming and requires relevant knowledge and experience to achieve positive results in court. Therefore, working with a professional lawyer like XPolice is highly recommended to avoid frustrating outcomes.

Learn more about disobeying a stop sign charges and the penalties you can face.

Stop at Through Highway

136 (1) Every driver or street car operator approaching a stop sign at an intersection,

(a) shall stop his or her vehicle or street car at a marked stop line or, if none, then immediately before entering the nearest crosswalk or, if none, then immediately before entering the intersection; and

(b) shall yield the right of way to traffic in the intersection or approaching the intersection on another highway so closely that to proceed would constitute an immediate hazard and, having so yielded the right of way, may proceed. R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 136 (1).

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