How We Work

Below are some common situations in which XPolice can help you.

Traffic Tickets

All traffic tickets affect your insurance rates and sometimes your ability to drive. We file your ticket on your behalf and we request accident reports, officer’s notes (commonly known as disclosure), and other documents in order to prepare your defence. The majority of the time, we attend court on your behalf without you. This helps to minimize the effects on your personal or business schedule.

Impaired Driving Charges

Impaired Driving, Drive Over 80mgs., Dangerous Driving and other Criminal Code driving charges don’t just affect your insurance rates, they affect your future. It is a privilege to drive and we at Xpolice Traffic Ticket Services will do what we can to protect your privileges. We at XPOLICE do not provide these services but are proud to refer you to trusted lawyers that have met the needs of many of our clients in the past. You should be informed that it is illegal for any paralegal to represent anyone for impaired driving charges or similar charges without being under the direction of a lawyer. To book an appointment now, CALL 1-888-XPOLICE (1-888-976-5423).


This involves everything from filing your traffic ticket to the trial and everything in between. We will monitor your case, order disclosure, do all the requisite case prep and ensure no stone is unturned. Everything necessary to build a winning case. Request a free quote today.


Fight the traffic ticket on your own? Not happy with the results? Is there an error made by the Justice of the Peace? We’ll review the case, review the law, and put together all the materials to properly argue your case before the Ontario Court of Justice. If there is an error, we’ll find it and make the argument for you. Request a free quote today.


File your traffic ticket and not receive a trial date? Is there something either beyond your control or not your fault for a default conviction? We can draft the materials and go before a Justice of the Peace on your behalf to reopen your case. If you qualify for a reopening, you may save a lot of money on costly Appeals. Request a free quote today.

Case Preparation

Want to fight your traffic ticket on your own? Need someone to put the case together for you? We can order your disclosure, draft any legal materials you need, serve and file it all with a complete history sheet and give the edge you need to try and win your case. Request a free quote today.

Document Drafting

Need some legal documents prepared? We can draft, serve, and file motions, applications, Charter Applications, disclosure requests, factums, Book of Authorities, Appeal books, notices & anything in connection with your traffic ticket or speeding ticket case. Request a free quote today.