Police arresting an average of one drunk driver per day so far this month

Thunder Bay police officers have arrested an average of one impaired driver a day so far in December.

Const. Mark Cattani said the arrests have come in waves, with some days seeing a few people charged, and others none. However, as of Dec. 17, there had been 17 people arrested for impaired driving in the city. And that’s a big number when compared to other months.

“On a high month, we get 20 impaired drivers,” he said. “That’s a busy month for us. So, I mean, the fact that we’re basically already there with plenty of time left, lots more RIDE programs scheduled for the remainder of the year, it’s kind of discouraging that we’re that high.”

“Especially this time of year, when the messaging goes out so much, and it’s really in your face about all the different rideshare options, it is concerning to see that people are still choosing to drive while impaired.”

The arrests have come via both RIDE checks and regular patrols, Cattani said.

“We want everyone to have a primarily safe and happy holiday season,” he said. “We thank those who are choosing other options to get from A to B after consuming alcohol, and we want that to continue with the rest of the population.”

Source: CBC News