If you think it stings when you get a parking or speeding ticket, just be thankful you weren’t the driver who was stopped early Wednesday morning at Clarke Road and Sudbury Avenue.

Originally stopped for a licence-plate violation — her plate was obstructed, police allege — she was handed a potential $5,450 in tickets by a London police traffic-management officer.

You read that right.

The motorist was also slapped with a fine for not having insurance on the vehicle, using an unauthorized licence plate, using validation not furnished by the Ministry of Transportation, and failing to apply for a permit upon becoming the owner of the vehicle.

The no-insurance fine alone is a minimum penalty of $5,000 if she is convicted.

The plate and validation fines are $140 each. The failing to apply for a permit and obstructing the plate are $85 each.

The $5,450 total is before additional victim surcharges and court costs, London police media officer Const. Sandasha Bough noted Wednesday.

Bough tweeted out the incident as a warning to other drivers.

Source: The London Free Press