Second drunk driving conviction in three years

A Greater Sudbury woman will be sentenced Sept. 5 following her second drinking and driving conviction in three years.

The date for Tara Larcher, 24, who pleaded guilty in the Ontario Court of Justice on July 3 to impaired driving, was set in assignment court in Sudbury.

On July 3, the court from defence lawyer heard that Larcher was headed to a treatment program, prompting her lawyer, Alex Toffoli, to ask for a delay in sentencing.

“We are in the process of looking up a (treatment) program in Elliot Lake or Sudbury,” he said.

The court heard that just after midnight April 3, Greater Sudbury Police officers noticed the driver of a 2006 Nissan southbound in the curb lane on Notre Dame Avenue going in and out of the adjoining lane.

The vehicle then pulled into a parking lot and the driver had difficulty putting it into park.

Officers approached the driver – Larcher – who stumbled while getting out of the vehicle, was unsteady on her feet and had to be held up. She also had an odour of alcohol on her.

Larcher later produced Intoxilyzer readings of 220, almost triple the legal allowable level of 80 while driving.

The court heard that in June of 2016, Larcher received a $1,000 fine for a blowing over conviction.

Source: The Sudbury Star