Durham police arrested 13 people for impaired driving and wrote more than 400 tickets for other offences, including speeding, during a Canada Road Safety Week blitz.

Among those charged during the May 12 to 18 initiative was a 51-year-old Whitby man caught travelling at 110 km/h in a 50 km/h zone on Rossland Road on the evening of May 16, police said. He was one of six motorists who saw their cars impounded and their licences summarily suspended after being charged with stunt driving.

The Road Safety Week blitz was held in conjunction with a Durham initiative, dubbed Crush The Rush, which was aimed at curbing speeding and distracted driving.

During the week police laid 13 impaired driving charges and wrote 437 speeding tickets. Officers charged 18 motorists with distracted driving, and another six with failing to wear seat belts.

As the year continues police will focus on the “big four” roadway killers, impaired and aggressive driving, distracted driving, and failure to use seat belts.

Source: durhamregion.com