97 drivers got tickets, as did 14 pedestrians and 9 cyclists

Rebecca Zandbergen/CBC News
Cyclists make their way down the King Street bike lane in London, Ont.

A traffic enforcement blitz that drew the ire of pedestrians and cyclists has ended with more than 100 charges and just as many warnings.

The blitz, which took place last week, focused on “pedestrian and cyclist behaviour at intersections,” according to the London police.

Cyclists and pedestrians expressed dismay because they felt that motorists who put vulnerable road users in jeopardy should be the focus of police resources.

Since 2016, 15 pedestrians and 4 cyclists have been killed on London roads.

Deputy Police Chief Trish McIntyre released the following statistics from the latest enforcement blitz:


  • 97 drivers
  • 14 pedestrians
  • 9 cyclists


  • 99 drivers
  • 17 cyclists
  • 8 pedestrians

McIntyre said the initiative, which was in partnership with the City of London, was about educating the public.

Avid cyclists David Isaac and Daniel Hall join London Morning with their reaction to a recent London Police traffic blitz targeting pedestrians and cyclists. 8:36

Source: CBC News