First Responders Day, which is celebrated each year on May 1st, was created through provincial legislation that received royal assent in late 2013. In the act, it is stated:

“First responders are those men and women who, in the early stages of an emergency, are responsible for the protection and preservation of life, property, evidence and the environment. They include police officers, firefighters, military personnel, paramedics, medical evacuation pilots, dispatchers, nurses, doctors, emergency medical technicians and emergency managers.

First responders are volunteers and professionals who have dedicated their lives to public service. Their life-saving skills often make the difference between life and death. Their public service deserves to be recognized and honoured.”

May 1st serves as a kickoff to a full month of celebrations in honour of all first responders in Ontario, with “Police Week” taking place from May 10th – 16th.

Acting President Lewis and the Board of Directors extend their heartfelt thanks to all our members and their families for their continued service to the people of Ontario.

Source: Ontario Provincial Police Association (FB)