Drivers stopped in Oakville and Burlington had their licences suspended for three days

This stop was one of three by a Halton police officer who was on his way to traffic court Tuesday, April 30. All three drivers were charged with distracted driving.

Long before he got to traffic court, Const. Marc Taraso had an eventful morning.

Taraso felt compelled to pull over drivers three times in one hour for distracted driving offences. All three drivers were talking or texting on their phones.

Two of the stops occurred on Appleby Line in Burlington, while the other happened on the QEW in Oakville. Two were passenger vehicles while the other was a commercial truck, according to the officer.

Each of the drivers was charged with distracted driving, issued a $615 fine and three demerit points, and a three-day licence suspension.

Social media users lauded the officer for his actions after he tweeted about the stops.

Linda Donogue said on Twitter, “People just don’t get it. He is likely saving lives or at least avoiding accidents by trying to get these people to change their habits.”

Source: InsideHalton.com