Hamilton Police have identified one suspect and are searching for three others in a 2017 carjacking case.

Hamilton Police have identified a suspect in an old carjacking case.

It took place at the Husky Gas Bar on Limeridge Road on Oct. 18, 2017. Police say three masked men, one armed with a gun, got out of an SUV and demanded the keys from the driver of a vehicle, who was putting air in his tires.

The stolen vehicle ended up being involved in a hit and run with an OPP cruiser when it was driving the wrong way on Highway 7 in Kitchener.

The OPP officer was not injured and the vehicle was later recovered in the Waterloo Region.

That’s where investigators have identified a 24-year-old male suspect, who is currently in custody in another jurisdiction.

Hamilton Police are applying for an order to bring him to court in Hamilton to be arraigned on robbery charges.

Police say the suspect is one of four involved in the case.

If you have any information that you believe could assist investigators, you are asked to contact Detective Mike Hall by calling (905) 546-4947.

Source: Global News