A Hamilton police cruiser is featured in this file photo. (Andrew Collins)

Hamilton police are investigating an incident of road rage in which one driver is alleged to have fired a gun at another.

Police say the incident took place yesterday (Feb. 13) around 5:30 a.m. on Highway 403 just east of Brantford, Ont., when a driver noticed he was being tailgated.

The tailgater later pulled his vehicle alongside the victim’s and is alleged to have fired multiple rounds.

The victim then followed the suspect to Hamilton, where police allege the suspect stopped his vehicle, got out and fired more shots in the victim’s direction.

Police say the victim left the area and was not injured during the incident.

Investigators describe the suspect as a six-foot-five, 220-pound man with light brown skin, driving a new model four-door grey vehicle.

Source: CP24