Tyson Lawlor covers his face as he leaves a courthouse in Barrie, Ont. on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 after being found guilty. (Mike Walker/ CTV Barrie)

Tyson Lawlor, the man who was driving while impaired in a crash that killed his cousin, is headed to prison.

A judged sentenced Lawlor to five years in prison on Monday. Lawlor was found guilty of impaired driving and criminal negligence causing death last year.

Lawlor was driving a pickup truck when it went off of Warminister Sideroad in Severn Township and hit a tree on Nov. 20, 2015. His cousin, Ellen Silk, was killed instantly in the crash.

The court heard that Lawlor’s blood alcohol level was double the legal limit.

The Crown was seeking a prison sentence of seven years and a 10-year driving ban. The defence was seeking a four-year prison sentence.

During a sentencing hearing last week, Lawlor faced Silk’s family, as they read victim impact statements. Silk’s sister said, “My sister was killed by a selfish, dangerous act.”

Lawlor also read from a letter during the hearing. He told the court that he knows there is a price to pay.

“I know I do not deserve your forgiveness. I know I am fully responsible for what happened. I will never be able to forgive myself,” he said.

Source: CTV News