Caledon OPP photo
This screenshot is from a video posted to social media by Caledon OPP. The video shows a driver being pulled over for distracted driving seemingly asking police to “hold on” while finishing the call.

Caledon OPP charged a 91-year-old man with multiple Highway Traffic Act violations, including driving with a hand-held device, on July 29.

The driver, who is from Caledon, was pulled over by police in the area of Mayfield Road and Highway 50.

Police posted a video of pulling the driver over on social media on Aug. 13. It stated the “driver shockingly multitasks while being stopped for distracted driving by Caledon OPP.”

In the video, while the police have put on their cherry lights, the man appears to ask the police to “please hold,” by raising his left hand up with what looks to be a cellphone in his other hand.

“He’s still on it,” says a man from inside the police car.

“Wow,” says a woman.

New distracted driving penalties took effect on Jan. 1. These penalties include fine increases up to $1,000, three demerit points for a first offence, three-day licence suspension. The penalties rise for subsequent convictions.

Source: CaledonEnterprise.com