At least four roads were selected in each of Barrie’s 10 wards

Chris Simon/Torstar
A vehicle crosses a temporary speed cushion on Crawford Street in Barrie.

Prepare for a bumpy ride on many residential streets in Barrie this year.

Barrie’s 2019 traffic calming program is underway, and temporary speed cushions will be placed along roughly 60 streets throughout the city. A minimum of four roads were selected per each of the 10 wards.

“Staff have started the implementation throughout the city … working with the local ward councillors to determine the locations,” said roads, parks and fleet director Dave Friary.

Jill Gillespie, a Barrie bus driver whose house is located directly beside newly installed Crawford Street speed cushions is “very happy” about the initiative.

“There are kids all along this street,” she said. “Cars are always going 80 or 100 (km/h) here.”

Radar speed boards will also be installed across the city this summer. Friary says that the boards help reduce vehicle speeds by up to five kilometres per hour.

“Boards provide a visual queue to motorists to help reduce their operating speeds,” he said. “The radar speed boards also allow staff to collect information regarding vehicle speeds and daily traffic volumes.”

For a complete list of speed cushion locations, see the May 6 circulation list at http://barrie.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx.

Source: Simcoe.com