Speeding was the number one offence

A man pulls his seatbelt in front of the camera
Over the Easter long weekend, OPP laid more than 1000 charges against unbuckled drivers and passengers.

A news release states: “While the OPP is pleased to report a zero fatality weekend on roads, officers focused on all unsafe behaviours that placed drivers and passengers at risk, laying more than 10,200 traffic-related charges across the province.”

Speeding was the top offence committed by drivers, with over 6400 charges laid.

During last year’s campaign, officers laid more than 1500 seatbelt charges, over 6500 speeding charges and nearly 11,000 traffic-related charges overall.

These charges serve as an important reminder to all road users that even during campaigns targeting specific traffic offences, officers are committed to enforcing all traffic laws.

Source: BayToday.ca