Ottawa Police cruiser

Ottawa Police cruiser

One last rip in the “summer car” is going to cost an Ottawa man dearly. He did park it for the winter, but probably hadn’t banked on watching it get towed away.

Early Tuesday afternoon, Const. Luc Mongeon spotted the black Mazda 3 travelling along Heron Rd. near the Data Centre Rd. and locked it into his radar going 131 km/h in what is a 60 km/h zone.

That’s a fine that goes beyond the scope of simple tickets.

The man has been charged with stunt driving and will have to appear in court where he stands a chance of being fined $1,000 if he pleads guilty and up to $2,000 if he decides to fight the charge and loses.

Meanwhile, his licence is suspended for a week and his car was towed to a compound for a week where he’ll also be on the hook for the towing and storage fees.

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