A still image from the video released by York Regional Police.

York Regional Police released video shot from their helicopter of an alleged drunk driver trying to make a getaway after being found asleep at the wheel.

File this under videos that you shouldn’t try to star in.

York Regional Police on Thursday released video shot from its helicopter of a fleeing alleged drunk driver and the crash that ultimately stopped him in his tracks.

On Monday at 4:17 a.m., a concerned citizen called cops after coming across a driver asleep at the wheel at a Richmond Hill intersection.

The helicopter video begins with cops investigating the car.

“The driver was woken up (by a knock on his window) and made eye contact with the officer.” Const. Andy Pattenden said. “The driver hit the gas and drove away west on Major Mackenzie Dr. but didn’t get far.”

During the attempted getaway, the driver almost collided with a second police cruiser on the call before crashing into a light post.

A 30-year-old Toronto man has been charged with impaired driving, fleeing from police and dangerous operation of a vehicle.

Pattenden says it isn’t unusual to find a person asleep behind the wheel for a medical reason or because they are impaired. But he said it is rare to have an entire incident on video of an allegedly impaired driver.

Pattenden stressed that people who call police about suspected impaired driving help keep the roads safe.

Source: Toronto Sun