The Brockville Police Service flag

The Brockville Police Service flag

A local, 31-year-old man was arrested Friday after Brockville Police stopped a motor vehicle for a traffic offense on Stewart Boulevard.

While dealing with the driver, officers determined he was driving while impaired by a drug. He was subsequently arrested and charged with impaired driving. Penalties for driving while impaired by a drug are the same as alcohol.

He was released later the same day with a future court date.

Domestic mischief
A local, 38-year-old male was allegedly involved in a dispute with his spouse Friday night when he decided to punch a hole in a wall of a south-end house.

Police arrested and charged him with mischief, and he was released the following day with a future court date.

Noise complaint
Early Saturday, Brockville Police attended an apartment complex in the center of the city for a noise complaint.

Other residents in the building informed police when they arrived that a female tenant turned her stereo down when police arrived, but the complainants had actually recorded the violation as evidence for police.

A local 39-year-old woman was charged under the city’s noise by-law and issued a $300 fine.

Unwanted visitor
A 33-year-old female allegedly arrived at Brockville General Hospital “drunk and loud,” Saturday night, causing staff to contact police for help.

Police said she was causing a disturbance and would not settle down on request of staff. She was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace. She was released unconditionally the next day when sober.

Shoplifter caught
Police were called to a north-end business after a 48-year-old woman was “caught taking items and making no attempt to purchase them.” Brockville Police Officers spoke to the local female, and she was charged under the Trespass to Property Act and given a fine at the scene. The merchandise was retained by the store.

Male turns himself in
A local, 26-year-old male, turned himself into police Tuesday after he realized he missed court on the Friday prior for an offence of mischief. Officers decided his excuse was palatable and released the subject with a future court date.

Source: Brockville Reporter