The London, Ont., courthouse is pictured in this file photo. (Postmedia Network Files)

The London, Ont., courthouse is pictured in this file photo. (Postmedia Network Files)

A repeat drunk driver who led police on a “nightmarish” chase after they Tasered him was sentenced Tuesday to four years in prison.

Shawn Walker, 49, was arrested Sept. 9, just a week after being released from jail for similar crimes in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Ontario Provincial Police had pulled Walker over about 11 p.m. after seeing him driving slowly with no trailer taillights. When an officer spoke to him in the van, it was clear Walker was impaired — so much so, he couldn’t finish his sentences or sit up straight.

Walker refused to get out of the van and kept revving the engine while the officer leaned in. He was reaching for the gear shift and the officer feared he’d be dragged along and stepped back.

The officer reached in with his Taser and gave Walker a shock. Walker threw the van into gear and, with tires squealing, took off with the trailer bouncing behind.

He blew stop sign after red light after stop sign while weaving through traffic and even drove on sidewalks. He hit police cars three or four times before fleeing on foot.

Police found him hiding in his bedroom at his mother’s house.

“It wasn’t me,” he told the officers. At the police station, he refused to give a breath sample.

“The facts here border on legendary in a negative way — more like nightmarish,” Justice John Skowronski said Tuesday before sentencing Walker, who pleaded guilty to six charges.

Thompson called Walker a “danger” and a “menace” to the public.

Walker said he’s worked hard since his arrest to change, even showing the judge documents from his rehab programs.

“I don’t want to continue living like this,” he said. “My mother is 71 and I am 49 and we’re all we have left.”

Skowronski said he should have thought about that sooner.

“The driving escapades are troubling, even shocking,” he said.


  • 84: Total criminal convictions in 32 years
  • 5: Impaired driving
  • 5: Dangerous driving, failing to stop for police
  • 10: Driving while disqualified
  • Many others for disobeying court orders
  • 10: Canada-wide arrest warrants on charges in Calgary

Source: The Toronto Sun