@TheBeardedCop via Twitter
A stunt driver’s vehicle is taken to “car jail” following an arrest Saturday morning.

Ottawa police traffic officers showed they’re taking July’s crackdown on bicycle safety seriously Saturday morning.

A sunrise stakeout on Hunt Club Road netted officers two dozen tickets in a couple of hours.

The offences included “2 stunt drivers both going more than 120 in the 60 zone,” tweeted Const. Jon Hall, better known as @TheBeardedCop on Twitter.

“High speeds like that make it dangerous for everyone!”

Hall’s colleague, Const. Phil (@CarbineKane) Kane weighed in later with the bust of a driver doing 56 km/h over the 80 km/h speed limit on the Blackburn Bypass.

Hall nailed another one a little while later, a driver “flying” at 133 km/h along what’s known in the traffic enforcement business as the #BlackburnFlypast.

Ottawa and Gatineau police will focus in July on a crackdown on distracted drivers and on keeping cyclists safe on local roads, where two have died in the past two months and there have been several other close calls.

Between 2013 and 2017, there were 1,460 collisions involving cyclists with 1,281 injuries and eight fatalities, police said.

Meanwhile, there were 31,344 collisions involving distracted drivers resulting in 8,944 injuries and 28 fatalities.

Source: Ottawa Sun