In an extraordinary move, Hamilton city staff have apologized to the public after admitting a report about substandard friction levels of asphalt on the Red Hill Valley Parkway was kept hidden for six years.

The city issued a statement last night saying it only just uncovered the November 2013 study that found the friction levels were well below standards.

Even city councillors had no idea about the report

In light of the admission, the city’s general issues committee voted to immediately cut the speed limit from 90 to 80 km/h.

The committee will also ask for increased police enforcement on the roadway until resurfacing can be done this spring.

An investigation will be launched to determine how that key report got buried.

According to city numbers, in the first 10 years the road was open there were 201 crashes, and 19 of those involved cars crossing the median.

Source: K-Lite