A mostly-empty bottle (presumably filled with alcohol) lies next to a key and remote fob.The London area had one of the lowest rates of impaired driving in the country in 2015, Statistics Canada is reporting.

Only four other Census metropolitan areas in Canada had a lower rate of police-reported impaired driving than London. Those were Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto and Windsor.

With a total of 444 cases of impaired driving in 2015, London’s rate of impaired driving per 100,000 people was 87 cases.

That was less than half the national rate of slightly more than 200. St. John’s had the highest rate of any CMA with a rate of 411 incidents per 100,000 population.

Ontario had the lowest rate of police-reported impaired driving of all the provinces and territories.

Impaired driving rates across Canada have been declining for the past 30 years, Statistics Canada reported.

Other findings released by Statistics Canada Wednesday:

  • Drug-impaired driving is less likely to result in a charge than alcohol-impaired driving
  • Majority of people charged with impaired driving are male but the proportion of females charged is rising
  • Drivers under 20 had the biggest decline in the rate of impaired driving, 36 per cent lower than the rate recorded in 2009
  • Half of all impaired driving incidents occur on the weekend
  • Just over six in ten impaired driving cases result in a guilty verdict
  • Average fine for alcohol impaired driving was $1,240 compared to $1,155 for drug impaired driving

Source: The London Free Press