WATCH: Usually when you need a taxi it’s because you plan on having a few drinks or you’ve had a few already. What you don’t expect is for your taxi driver to be drunk when he turns up. Jill Bennett has a Global News Exclusive.

A Surrey cab driver has been let go from his job after failing a roadside drinking test while on shift last week.

It was on June 24 that three young women called up a cab to get to a birthday party. But when they got in the vehicle they immediately noticed something was wrong with the driver.

“He was so dazed, he didn’t even have recognition he had just drove up on the lawn,” said Bryanna, one of the passengers.

“You could smell alcohol. At that point, we were like ‘he’s drunk, something is up,’” said Avneet.

The three got out of the cab, and one of the passengers got her dad to come help. The father then moved his car to block the cab driver from moving, and phoned the cops.

“From what I have been told the driver has been penalized for three months and will not be allowed to drive for us in the future as well,” said a manager for Pacific Cabs.

Surrey RCMP confirm the cab driver was given a roadside test and failed. He has been handed a 90-day driving prohibition and the cab has been seized for 30 days.

Source: Global News