Police report that she was driving more than 50 km/h in excess of the posted speed limit

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The Timmins Police Service Traffic Section has charged a local woman with a stunt driving offence stemming from an incident which occurred on Sandy Falls Road during the early evening hours of Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019.

A Timmins Police Service – Traffic Section officer was completing radar patrol of the area when he observed a Toyota passenger vehicle travelling at an extremely high rate of speed. The speed of the vehicle was determined to be more than 50 km/h in excess of the posted speed limit which meets the threshold of stunt driving under the Highway Traffic Act. A traffic stop was initiated by the officer and the identity of the driver was determined.

As a result of the incident, Cynthia Larrivee, 20, of Timmins, has been charged with: Stunt driving contrary to the Highway Traffic Act.

The accused person has had their driver’s licence suspended for seven days and the vehicle she was driving has been impounded for seven days. Additionally, she was served a Summons requiring that she attend Provincial Court in Timmins on Sept. 12 to answer to the charge laid against her.

The Timmins Police Service Traffic Specialist Constable Troy Larose adds, “All motorists must be alert and aware of the fact that aggressive driving has serious consequences. Strict respect for the posted speed limit and all rules of the road will better enable motorists to reach their intended destination safely. The Timmins Police Service consider traffic safety a high priority and the motoring public is urged to do the same.”

Source: TimminsToday.com