Traffic lights are coming to a busy intersection on Victoria Street near the Boardwalk in west Kitchener.

The signals, which are expected to be completed in late August, according to the region, are being installed at the intersection of Victoria Street, Highgate Road, and Bramblewood Street.

Data provided by the Region of Waterloo cites minimum car volume as well as delay to cross traffic as justifications for the traffic signal. Surveying on the intersection was completed on April 17, 2019. The region says that delays for cars and pedestrians on the side streets in entering the intersection warrants the signal. Essentially, cars turning left and right from Highgate Road and Bramblewood Street are experiencing lengthy delays, which can bottle up traffic further.

According to the data, there have been two crashes at the intersection in the last three years. For a signal to be warranted, five crashes would have to occur. However, since the first two criteria are met, the signal is being installed.

Bob Henderson, manager of engineering with the region, said that a roundabout was considered an option for the intersection before determining traffic lights would be the best choice.

West of this intersection is a roundabout where Victoria Street and Ira Needles Boulevard meet, while to the east, there are lights at Victoria Street and Westforest Trail. Further east, Victoria Street, Westforest Trail, and Eastforest Trail have traffic lights.

The area has schools in close proximity with Sandhills Public School and St. Dominic Savio Catholic School both located along Victoria Street.

Source: KitchenerPost.ca