An early morning tractor trailer fire caused major damage to the 401 near Napanee. The driver has been charged with careless driving.

The eastbound lanes of Highway 401 between Palace Road and County Road 4 have been reopened after a severe tractor trailer fire early Wednesday morning.

Police say an early morning collision involving a transport truck occurred in the eastbound lanes near the Palace Road interchange at 4:30 a.m.

There are no reported injuries, but according to OPP, the 50-year-old London Ont. truck driver was charged with careless driving.

OPP say the driver hit a construction sign, drove into the crash barrier and up onto the cement guardrail, causing the vehicle to catch fire.

A photo from Wednesday’s truck fire on the 401 shows the extreme damage done to the truck.

Both of the truck’s diesel fuel tanks ruptured, which have the capacity to hold 120 gallons of diesel each.

This fuel spilled across the highway, lighting the truck and highway ablaze.

OPP say the fire severely damaged the surface of the highway making it necessary for resurfacing work to take place before traffic could be allowed back on the highway.

Source: Global News