Both cases involve drivers being under the influence

Saugeen Shores Police vehicleSaugeen Shores Police were busy this weekend.

On Friday October 4, 6:30pm police were called to the area of River St and Wellington St in Port Elgin for a minor motor vehicle collision.

Officers say during a conversation with the driver they was observed signs of alcohol consumption.

Police say a roadside breath test was administered resulting in a fail.

A 39 year old Port Elgin man was charged with drunk and careless driving.

Police say the male provided two breath samples of 265 and 274 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood.

He was released with a court date.

And on Saturday (October 5) night in Southampton, a 63 year old man was stopped by police after they say he was driving in a suspicious manner.

Police say the man showed signs of drug impairment.

Investigations revealed that the driver was in possession Methamphetamine and Fentanyl which police say were individually wrapped in baggies.

A 63 year old Southampton man has been charged with: Possession for the purpose of trafficking Meth and Fentanyl and and driving a vehicle while impaired by drug.

He was held for a bail hearing.

Source: Bayshore Broadcasting