Four Charges Laid Over the Weekend

South Simcoe Police badge

Image courtesy South Simcoe Police Service

South Simcoe Police charged four drivers with Impaired Driving over the weekend, a stat the Service calls “unacceptable.”

The first drunk driving charge came as a result of a RIDE program on Canal Rd. near the 5th Line of Bradford, a 26-year-old Bradford woman was charged just before midnight.

About a half an hour later, police were called to a gas station on Holland St. in Bradford, where concerned citizens pointed police towards a 55-year-old motorist now facing charges.

A 32-year-old Bradford man was charged Sunday morning, around 9:30, after a police radar gun said he was going 47 kilometers over the speed limit. Police say not only was he driving under the influence, but he had liquor readily available in the vehicle.

Sunday afternoon, around 4:30, came the final drunk driving charge laid over the weekend. A 48-year-old Barrie woman was charged following calls from concerned citizens.

Police add two three-day licence suspensions were also issued over the weekend.

“Four impaired drivers charged in one weekend is completely unacceptable.” reads a statement from South Simcoe Police. “We will continue to conduct RIDE programs at every opportunity as part of our efforts to keep roads safe. We urge our citizens to continue to call 911 to report suspected impaired drivers. Most importantly, we urge everyone to make safe, smart choices by not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.”

Source: Barrie 360