A 48-year-old Mississauga man was issued four provincial offence notices for driving-related infractions Sunday evening.

Provincial police said that around 5 p.m., an officer saw a minivan make an unsafe lane change moving from King Street West to the 403.

When the officer stopped the vehicle, which had seatbelts for seven, there were nine passengers. Two of the passengers were under 16.

A taxi was called to carry the extra passengers.

Roughly 40 minutes later, the same officer saw the same van on the Queen Elizabeth Way near Burlington.

The officer stopped the van and found the same nine people.

Again, two teenagers were without seatbelts.

The driver received notices for making an unsafe move from a lane, two counts of driving while a passenger under 16 is not in a seatbelt-equipped position, and being a class G2 licence holder with more passengers than seatbelts.

The officer then drove the two extra passengers to a safe location in Burlington.

Source: The Hamilton Spectator