The driver of the truck says he didn’t even realize he had a car hanging off his bumper

A video posted to Instagram shows a wild scene taking place on a Canadian highway, with a truck pushing a car sideways down the pavement just before taking an exit.

According to BlogTO, the vehicles were traveling down Highway 401 near Bayview avenue in Toronto, Ontario.

The video was taken by Cory Wells and posted on Instagram, and additional videos posted to their story show other vehicles try to collide with the car while it’s sitting in the far shoulder lane.

The vehicle is positioned sideways stuck to the front of the stone-slinging truck while the truck pushes it down the road and eventually off to a wall along the side of the highway.

The two become detached, and the truck continues to drive down the road, seemingly without any concern from the driver over the car they’ve collided with.

Officer Kerry Schmidt of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) addressed the incident in a livestream video.

“The driver of that truck claims he didn’t see what was happening in front of him as he was changing lanes and ended up pushing that car off to the shoulder,” according to Schmidt. Police were able to talk to the driver of both the car and the truck.

“Fortunately no one was injured in that wild crash where that car that was sideways across the 401 was getting pushed out of the way by a large yellow commercial dump truck or a snow truck.”

No charges have yet been laid; the investigation is ongoing.

Source: Driving.ca